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(Archived) HELP: Evernote + GDrive for active project files?

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Hello everyone.

I recognize this is a cross-post with a "Lifestyle" sub-forum and I apologize to those whose net etiquette has been offended. Recently embarking on the paperless journey, I have quickly realized that for the elegant simplicity of naming and tagging documents to be thrown into the Evernote soup and retrieved later via metadata or a robust search, there are many hang-ups in doing so with documents that one either needs to edit, ammend, aggregate, or otherwise tinker with while doing work. Whether these documents are as basic as MS Office files, or as complex as large statistical data sets, there are things that, at this juncture, just cannot live happily in the Evernote world.

Without a boring discourse, I really have two fundamental questions:

  • For those who require a file structure outside of evernote to do work (be it because of file formatting, frequent editing, sharing with non-evernoters, firewall issues for EN syncing, etc) - what, if any, program(s) do you use to achieve a similar level of ubiquitous access to your files as is provided in Evernote (i.e. Dropbox, Sugarsync, GDrive, etc.).?
  • Whether you use a cloud sync tool or not, what is your preferred method of non-Evernote folder/file nomenclature/project structure? Does your file and folder nomenclature change if the documents are to eventually be archived in Evernote? I have grown quite fond of the YYMMDD prefix that Grumpy Monkey has adapted for his digital life, but I am struggling with how such a filing identifier can be adopted into a file naming system which also uses things like job (project) identifier codes (i.e. project 172C) to categorize and track things like costing, logistics coordination and billing.

I ask these things because it appears as though I am quite unintentionally relying upon Evernote as a capture and action-related tool due to the bulk of my ongoing work taking place outside of Evernote. At the same time, I see great utility in combining the two, and at the very least would like to develop a work process that naturally feeds one into the other (or back and forth between the two).

Any advice or experience in this area is, of course, much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance for your valuable input on these forums. Without your willingness to share your experiences, I would still be mired in the paper/digital hinterland with the lion's share of my colleagues. It has drastically changed the way I approach information and work.

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