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  1. Good points all around. I did not want to give the impression of attempting to subvert the security or filtering protocol for my employer;on the contrary, I abide to the rule for the very reasons JMichael brought up. With this established, the main push behind my query was if and how people (or groups) have found ways to (legally) integrate Evernote into their work life via personal devices, interfacing with other common workplace software and the like when the more obvious and certainly more useful option of desktop/Web client access is unavailable. For it's great utility in my personal and
  2. It seems that your second suggestion is one which I continue to come back to, in spite of the associated cost. To clarify, yes, this academic institution allows Web access, however, it does not allow users to install software without administrative privileges (Win 7 Enterprise). If I were able to install, I likely would not be able to interface with the online database, as even this forum is blocked by the IT filter. It is an unfortunate dictocratic dilemma...one would assume they wanted their staff to do work! If one were to go the route of offline access on a second device, as a premium us
  3. Hello again. This is a brief follow-up question to my previous post. I am faced with a workplace who will not make any IT security exceptions for access to and from the Evernote servers. Not being an IT security person, and also not being one to risk my position by accessing Evernote via my own innocuously titled proxy server, I would like to know how you all in a similar locked-down position get your Evernote on. Beyond emailing to my Evernote account (for capture), I am at a loggerheads; there are no non-networked wired internet connections at said workplace, and still being in the dark
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