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(Archived) REQUEST: Fewer steps to unify font attributes from the drop-down menu



This restriction or bug has troubled me for a long time on the Mac client (I don't know if it exists on Windows).


Let's say I've written/copy-pasted some text with mixed typefaces:

"This part is 14 pt Arial. This is 24 pt Georiga, and this one again in Arial."


If I want to change the typeface to Arial, I can't do it in on step just by highlighting all and choosing Arial from the dropdown list.

(Same problem with changing font sizes.)


Evernote client seems to recognize the highlighted text to be in the dominant typeface/size (see the attachment) and re-choosing the same desired (dominant) attribute won't do anything to the deviant text.


What I have to do now:

Now I have to first choose some other typeface I don't want (e.g. turn them all to Courier New) and then choose the one I wanted (Arial).

How it is usually done:

Usually text editors recognize if the selection contains different typefaces/sizes and blanks the related dropdown list and thus makes one step unifying possible.

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Sorry (maybe) to tell you, but this isn't a bug, since this is known behavior going back at least several versions, and Evernote has not yet suggested they see it as a problem. That said, others have also requested an easier way to change font attributes, so consider your post a feature request along with theirs. I too hope Evernote makes this change soon, since, as you say, the current setup includes unnecessary, unhelpful steps.

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Thank you for the info :)

I hope they come around. Evernote is powerful and awesome, but I noticed that this inconvenience is the main reason I've started using other tools for making notes (and looking away usually leads to cancelling the subscribtion, but I hope I find a way overcome this problem).

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Yep, you're totally right.

Although Evernote is commonly referred to as a note-taking app (in large part, of course, because it has "note" in the name), I don't think of it that way, since it's not nearly the most useful note-taking app I've found. If I need to jot some text down quickly, I use Notational Velocity, since it opens in literally less than a second, it's all plain text, and I never have to save documents (that's done automatically). If I need an outline list that I can edit easily, I hold my nose and open Word, since Evernote's bullets and lists are so terrible.

But Evernote is where everything ends up before too long. A note I take in Notational Velocity quickly gets cut and pasted in Evernote. Word documents get added to Evernote. And, of course, lots of not-true-notes go first into Evernote: web pages, images, PDFs, etc.

If it helps you keep taking advantage of all Evernote has to offer to think of it as a database, a library, or a searchable box for all your junk—and not as a note-taking app—I encourage you to do so.

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