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  1. Thank you for the info I hope they come around. Evernote is powerful and awesome, but I noticed that this inconvenience is the main reason I've started using other tools for making notes (and looking away usually leads to cancelling the subscribtion, but I hope I find a way overcome this problem).
  2. This restriction or bug has troubled me for a long time on the Mac client (I don't know if it exists on Windows). Example: Let's say I've written/copy-pasted some text with mixed typefaces: "This part is 14 pt Arial. This is 24 pt Georiga, and this one again in Arial." Problem: If I want to change the typeface to Arial, I can't do it in on step just by highlighting all and choosing Arial from the dropdown list. (Same problem with changing font sizes.) Reason: Evernote client seems to recognize the highlighted text to be in the dominant typeface/size (see the attachment) and re-choosing the same desired (dominant) attribute won't do anything to the deviant text. What I have to do now: Now I have to first choose some other typeface I don't want (e.g. turn them all to Courier New) and then choose the one I wanted (Arial). How it is usually done: Usually text editors recognize if the selection contains different typefaces/sizes and blanks the related dropdown list and thus makes one step unifying possible.
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