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(Archived) BUG: Unusual text behavior when editing notes



I've been having two bizarre, irritating issues with Evernote for Mac for some time now.


The first is tough to describe, so here's an example.

Let's say a note looks like this:

Long story short:

this day could not get any better

If I was to backspace the second line to bring it up to the colon in the first, it SHOULD look like this:

Long story short: this day could not get any better

Instead, it looks like this:

this day could not get any better

Long story short:

The second line is actually *inserted* before the first.


The second issue involves cut and paste. It usually works, but sometimes, if I cut a line from a note and paste it elsewhere into the same note, the pasted line will arbitrarily appear in a specific place in the document instead of at the cursor.

Let's say this whole forum post was a note, and I cut the following line:

Misty likes Ash!

And I wanted to paste it before "The second issue" above. When the issue occurs, despite clicking where I want to paste and ensuring the text cursor is there, it would paste amongst the examples of the first issue above.


Please advise.

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I observed the same behavior on windows 7 too. What helps is to close evernote and reopen. Very annoying.

Thank you. I will try that next time I come across the error. I have been contemplating moving to Windows, because I seemed to have less formatting problems there, but I guess I am going to face the same issues. Let's hope they are able to fix this!

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I too have this problem. My most frequent headache is when I'm trying to create a simple list, and adding text to the end of a line. I cannot.

Example List:





I type "( Web Services Description Language, " after WSDL, then I try to paste a URL, and close the paren, but it goes above.

So, I cut and paste it below, then try to backspace to join the lines. No, sorry, it moves it to above the WSDL line. I either have to cut the whole string, paste it into a text editor, edit it, then copy/cut and paste it back to Evernote. BLAH! Sorry. It is easier to use another tool for the job.

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i've reported this problem for both the ipad and mac. it is an old one and i have no solution. stripping the formatting and so forth does no good. sometimes, stripping the formatting (paste ino a text editor if you don't have an app installed) and opening a new note helps. sometimes.

one consequence of this behavior (for me) is that i cannot use evernote for lengthy writing, because i cannot edit. let's hope the next beta solves it !!!

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