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(Archived) REQUEST: "Copy" and "Drag n Drop" capability for attachments

Scott Adelman


I have become dependent on Evernote and now use it for storing all my work documents and presentations. The issue is that frequently I need to send one of these as an attachment through my work email. Hence, I cannot use the built in email option of Evernote. I need to save the attachment to my desktop, then open up my work mail client (Lotus Notes 8.5.1) and attach the note into the body of an email. So several steps. Dragging and dropping does not work with Lotus. Anyone have any suggestions how I can automate this? I have never used automator but does that have support for Evernote? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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This seems to be an issue with EN Mac. It does NOT let me copy from the EN Note, nor drag n drop to any app.

When I right-click on the attachment icon, it does NOT provide a "Copy" choice, which it should, IMO.

I believe this works in the EN Win app.

Evernote, would you please add "Copy" and "Drag n Drop" capability to attachments in EN Mac.

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