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  1. Thanks DTLow. That was the issue. Missed that setting. Thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Ever since upgrading to the new Evernote 10.4.4 version I have noticed that anything emailed into Evernote gets attached to random notebooks rather than my default notebook. Interestingly the "assigned" notebook does not seem to follow any pattern and can be one of several. I know enough that you can specify which notebook and tags using the @ and # signs in the subject heading. That is NOT the issue with these notes. Neither of those symbols are in any of the subject lines. Any suggestions? I have looked and do not see any setting for this. All of the notes do make it to my Evernote intact. But I can only find them by searching for All Notes and not my default notebook. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have noticed that since the upgrade to v 6.12 Beta 3, I cannot open Excel spreadsheets from within the application. I need to download the spreadsheet to the desktop and then upload the new version to the same note. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Thanks.
  4. I have been using emailing into Evernote for awhile. It is a great feature. And I understand the process as well as how to add notebook and tag identifiers in the title. But when I forward an email with an attachment Evernote will save the entire email text as well as the attachment. Is there someway to tell Evernote to just save the attachment and not the entire email? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have been having the issue that is described in many other places of my images being large due to the Retina display resolution. I read about the option of toggling off the high resolution in Skitch. I could not get it to work. So I deleted my app and downloaded new copy. Same thing. I can place and remove check box next to High res option but it does not seem to change icon at lower right corner of capture window. It always states High Resolution and when I copy and paste a screen shot it is still huge. Is there some other setting I should be changing? Is this just an unresolved error? Everything I read seems to say this issue has been resolved. Help!
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