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(Archived) Quantum leap Android client functionality


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As I use the mobile client more and more for work /GTD purposes the three features that would radically step up its workflow functionality are:

1. Note Linking (as per the Windows client). This is perhaps an under appreciated feature, but is remarkably powerful if used to its full extent. (Has really replaced my former perceived need for notebooks-within-notebooks.

2. Merging notes

3. Batch operations (delete, tag, move to notebook, etc.).

These would virtually eliminate my need to run to my desktop to 'tidy things up' and create a complete Evernote mobile experience.

As someone 'in the field' all day, it's kind of why I got my Samsung Galaxy Note lol....

With the devices rolling out in the next year?, "creating the complete mobile app experience" will be the developers mandate.

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When I saw the title for "quantum leap" functionality, I thought you were asking for evernote to add a feature to the android client so that you could travel back in time, temporarily taking the places of other people to "put right what once went wrong" with the help of a womanizing, cigar-smoking hologram, and then while you are back in time you could save a note in evernote with that date/time stamp.

I have a feeling that it would be easier for the development team to add the ability specify the created date/time of the note in the android client without the actual travelling through time part.

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I really agree with 1, 2 and 3

a little thought :

Organising ideas, notes, things and more has been a concern for me for... 20 years or so;-)

I've been 'trying' to use Evernote over time, a bit more now as I have a Tablet (Android) and can access it online (I use Linux, there is no official client, sometimes I use NixNote aka NeverNote)

Smartphones and tablet (mainly Android & IOS for now) become mote and more popular, and ergonomy is really needed, it has to be intuitive and simple, like writing on paper and organising things with your bare hands on your office/workbench.

I would like to contribute, have lot of 'high-level' ideas, but too little programming knowledge, and time is missing too :-( but EverNote is what I found best till now and I really would like to see it evolve in this intuitive way, so as notes can be taken, organised, completed with other notes, pics, drawings, docs....

From the idea to the note : This part is well covered with EverNote, but when it comes to organise the 'Inbox' -> There Evernote would need a 'Workbench' , a bit like a table where all things and notes are on, that you can easily move around, group, tag... Evernote on Android is good with the views it has, but I believe it lacks this little something, this intuitivity (although it has progressed a lot already)

Imagine the Inbox you filled the day, quickly, no time to sort or tag, just trown things and ideas in. End of the day you want to sort them correctly, by using simple gestures you should be able to sort them right. Ie : Drag 2 notes together with your fingers to Merge them ; draw theads from an existing tag to the note, or cut it off again (like in the game 'Cut the Rope') ; drag the note from the Inbog to another folder ; from within a note, selecting a part (pic, drawing... ) should contextually show possible actions, intuitively, ie : Annotate with Skitch, edit with Penultimate...

These actions would be more intuitive then ie adding Tags from a dropdown or moving to another folder the same way. Think of ' as little clicks (or touches) as possible ; instead of touching the note, then edit, then 'Menu', then Add Tag, (4 'clicks'), 2 should be max. -> touch the note, (opens contextual bar with possibilities), touch 'Add Tags' ; this could show up Tags over the note, from which you could draw 'threads' frome tag to note, and cut them off again, using some sort of 'wheel' to browse through tags if there are too many.

These are just a few thoughts, I know it might be difficult to implements or maybe it doesn't stick with EverNote plans, bat they came out of my mind ;-)

PS : Penultimate is really missing on Android Platform.

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