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(Archived) DISCUSSION: What's your favorite feature?

Don Sakers


I just wanted to say that I use the Mac version of Evernote a lot, and it works really well. I particularly love the fact that I can drag-and-drop files, pictures, etc. into a note : badda-bing, it's done.

It's wonderful that this forum is here to help folks with problems, and that Evernote staff people are listening and answering. And there's certainly room for improvement -- there always is. But after looking down the list of topics, I figured it couldn't hurt to have one to say "I like it."

So what's your favorite feature of the Evernote Mac app?

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hi. i don't know if i have a favorite on the mac, but i suppose one thing i like is how the ui looks. it is easy now to collapse the left pane, it is more streamlined, and cleaner looking than the windows client.

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