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Multiple browser tabs - saveable at once?


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Frequently I've open a lot of tabs in my firefox (searching for a special theme).

Would be nice to save this pages or the links "at once" to Evernote.

I suppose there is noch possibility to do this?

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I would LOVE this feature too! My workflow consists of opening millions of different tabs related to the area I am researching. Then they sit there and slow down my browser. I don't want to close them because I still need them for reverence, and I don't want to simply bookmark them because I archive all my resources in Evernote and I don't want to fragment my archives (and my workflow) by having a separate bookmarks area.


I am sure I am not alone in thinking that it would be an absolute DREAM to be able to send all the tabs in my current browser window to a new note--especially if I had the ability to later use an "Open All Links" (or similar) command when I am viewing the note in Evernote.

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