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  1. Text entry and cursor movement becomes extremely slow on even slightly larger notes. I thought it was just my ancient Droid phone, but I am having the same problems with my new Galaxy S5. The slowdown becomes more pronounced when using Minuum keyboard. Phone is otherwise snappy as heck--no general slowdown. A note of 8000 characters becomes quite unusable. This is not unique to one particular note, it is fully reproduceable. It happens with plaintext notes, non-clipped.
  2. This is still a problem for me, and I am running latest Evernote client on Windows XP SP3. Not just Win7! Very jarring, because I am accustomed to using mouse wheel scrolling for everything, and it works fine everythwhere else. I am using no custom mouse software or drivers or settings--simply built-in Windows driver for PS2 mouse.
  3. This would be the single most useful addition to the clipper I can think of. Combine with a "Open all links" command within Evernote to get the list of clipped URLs back into the browser, and we have a WINNING way to manage web research projects. It's so close I can taste it! :-)
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