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(Archived) HOWTO: Find trash [RESOLVED]



Hey guys,

I've looked around here for a similar issue but I can't seem to find it. I've deleted some noted by mistake and i'd like to go to my trash to restore them but I can't seem to find the trash folder anywhere. I don't understand. I'm looking on the bottom left of the main window and it isn't there. I'm running version 3.0.0 on a non-premium account. Ach! I have a lot of dissertation notes within the notes in question that i'd love to have back.


EDIT: Sorted this out. Yeah yeah i'm dumb thanks.

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writing a dissertation and can't find the trash. lol :) i know the feeling (working on my dissertation now too).

perhaps one of the lessons to learn here is that the trash icon on the mac isn't so clear. it doesn't look much like a trash can to me. and, it is located in the notebooks section, even though it isn't really a notebook. perhaps evernote ought to consider moving it on the next build. replace the "delete" icon in the ribbon with the more conventional red circle and slash, and use the current delete icon (a trash can) as a way to access the trash?

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There is no trash icon in my Mac version for sure - running 3.1.1.

Can you share a screenshot? Shift+Cmd+3 will take a full-screen image. You can use Skitch or another program to crop the image or block out things you don't want to share.

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In the Notebook section there it is ! just like Grumpy Monkey indicated........now to do some house cleaning.....Thanks

Don Tomas

Hi. Glad I could help, but that is dated advice. The trashcan is still a notebook (I don't like this), though, so I guess everything is OK. Good luck with the house cleaning!

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