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(Archived) optimal database size

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I am guessing that this has been addressed before here, but I have not found the thread.

Lately EverNote has been crashing a lot. I've been moving some files around, but not gigabytes or anything much larger than 1MB. I am wondering if I just have too much stuff.

My EN database is 1.2 GB. I have about 2400 notes: clippings, copies of receipts, articles, notes to self. Most of these are less than 1MB each. I took out some large pdfs that were particularly slow to scroll through.

I have a 2008 MacBook 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM.

Could anything about the size or contents of my database be causing the crashes?

Is there a recommended size limit or maximum number of notes?

Are pdf's a problem?

Is it better to clip an article or print it as pdf to Evernote?

Any advice would be appreciated. If this has been discussed, I would be happy for a link.

Thank you!

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1. The size of your database is definitely not the problem. I have 11,000 notes and 5.5 GB. Many other users have far more notes and data than that, and don't experience the problem you're describing.

2. There is no database size limit. The limit on number of notes is currently 100,000.

3. PDFs shouldn't be a problem.

3. I can't imagine there's a problem with either.

I'd recommend opening a support ticket.

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