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(Archived) (Archived) REQUEST: Ability to embed videos

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For Evernote to store videos would take a large amount of hard drive space on servers...but why not just enable the option for embedding live content? There are a lot of services out there that already handle enormous amounts of video.

How about this idea?:

1) I'm creating a note from my PC, it reads as:

"Video sample 1, blue sky"

then I have an option to embed live content from an external source such as YouTube, etc. It shows up live into the note I'm writing and I can write around it, etc. This seems to be where the web is going anyhow. Until you guys decide to handle that amount of video it would be a cool work around. Perhaps even within the note itself there would be an indication that the content is "live" or "web". That way you wouldn't be surprised if the site goes down or whatever have you.

Besides, over time if you get popular enough people might start supplying Evernote buttons beneath web content in the way they do for facebook, etc.

Just a thought.

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I was surprised to find this wasn't possible. To embed an "object"-code from YouTube does not take any space. Perhaps it has to do with an unwillingness to access the html code, but the Evernote team could always take a look at solutions like the one at Wordpress.com.

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I would like to see this, i almost started up a new thread.

I would like to see a "insert video" option, then you just cut n past the url and it embeds the video, just as if your using the html embed tags.

why stop at youtube, metacafe, livevideo, etc etc

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For me this is one of the things that I would MOST like to see added to evernote. I don't understand the technical limits, but I agree that it would be great to insert a video with this option to keep memory usage low (even though I can just embed the video).

with more and more content stored online in key videos, this will become more and more valuable.

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I clipped an article in the NY Times today only to find out later that the video link was not in the clip. I could have lived with this if a comment was left telling me that the video link was not copied, but not having a comment is not good. Of course, good is at least having the link included in the clip, while better is to embed the video.  

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