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  1. it is 2013 EN team. please make this go away and enable embeds of video. pretty please and thanks!
  2. has EN chimed in with that pronouncement? and the why? if yes can you post a link to that ?
  3. I was looking for a response from Evernote. yours is an odd reply and did nothing to further the convo. this thread started over a year ago. delivering a video embed is common and yes, simple. lets be real. Its 2013 Evernote. Make this go away.
  4. Evernote: are you working on this? such a simple thing to enable, embedding the html from video hosting services (you tube, vimeo, etc) they still host and it it is their liability, TOS, eula, for copyright not evernote's. etc.
  5. has this ever been implemented? it seems like such a simple thing to enable, enabling an embed of a you tube video
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