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  1. I'm a long-time evernote premium user, and I agree that I like keeping evernote lean and mean. I think embedding videos directly is a bad idea. BUT .... for some of my work, I've started shifting over to Dropbox PAPER for 2 reasons: 1) collaboration works better 2) embedding videos via URL is seamless. AND dropbox PAPER is FREE! Can we "fix" evernote so that it's able to do something like dropbox paper? [[ Automatically pops up video image and plays within app when clicking on video simply by pasting a url ]]
  2. I'm a premium user, but prefer not to bog down evernote with so many videos attached. being able to "embed" as for a simple blog would be a super cool feature that'll take evernote over the top in terms of usefulness.
  3. For me this is one of the things that I would MOST like to see added to evernote. I don't understand the technical limits, but I agree that it would be great to insert a video with this option to keep memory usage low (even though I can just embed the video). with more and more content stored online in key videos, this will become more and more valuable.
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