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(Archived) Permissions for address book access


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Upon the request for installation of the latest version of Evernote for Android I was asked to grant permissions for Evernote to access my local address book on my device.

Developments in apps in the last months saw a lot of discussions about apps asking for access to contact data and using this data for unknown purposes (such as Facebook, Path, Foursquare etc).

I would therefore like to enquire about the permission for usage of contact data in the Evernote for Android App. What purpose does this request have?

I would like you to know that I am not willing to grant this permission to the Evernote App as I do not see any necessity in the Evernote App having access to my personal and private contact data.


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Hi MenschMitHut

I completely agree with you.

Unfortunately, your contacts isn't all that they want access to. If I try to download Evernote, I get asked to agree to them accessing:

- My SD card (modify and delete contents)

- my location

- phone number, serial number of phone and the number of any I may call

- audio record path (whatever that is)

- Full internet access

- calendar events

- and, as you pointed out, my personal contacts

It is outrageous that Evernote should use people's personal data.

How can we know the implications of granting such access?

This shabby treatment of Evernotes clients should be publicised widely so that people know what's going on here.

There is not even the courtesy of saying whay they want access to personal data.

I will not sign up to this, and neither will my friends - we have discussed this and are spreading the word on other forums.

I doubt they will leave this post up for long.

I am disgusted with Evernote.

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I doubt they will leave this post up for long.

Why would you think that?

It's no secret what Evernote is asking to access. Some people it bothers, and others it doesn't. If you're interested in learning why they access what they ask for, though, then's here is some information: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22715-question-regarding-evernote-for-androids-permissions-needs/

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