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  1. Hi xdelplanque, thanks a lot for your support. I followed your outlined steps closely, this is my result: I does work nearly in the way you described. OfficeSuite will save the document back to Evernote when I use the pencil icon in the Evernote note view. It does not work when I open the document by tapping on a different area than the pencil icon. I did not know there was a difference (probably many users won't). Knowing this, the feature does work. However, OfficeSuite still asks me to buy the fuill version (I am an Evernote Premium user). I have 1 day trial left, so I will check back tomorrow and see what happens when the trial period is over. Hope this helps. Greetings from Germany, Carlin
  2. Hi: Following the announcement on the Evernote Blog about collaboration of Evernote and OfficeSuite (http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/07/17/evernote-for-android-edit-attached-documents-with-officesuite-mark-up-pdfs-with-skitch-and-much-more/) I downloaded OfficeSuite (Trial Version). I am an Evernote Premium User. Therefore I went right ahead and opened my first spreadsheet (XLSX format) in Evernote. It gave me the otion to open it in OfficeSuite which I did. Then I edited the file but was not able to have it saved back into Evernote. The only thing that worked was to store the modified document on my SD card. However, the Evernote Blog states that: "Simply install OfficeSuite, open a note in Evernote and tap on the Edit icon in an attached document. The document will open in OfficeSuite ready for editing. When you’re done, tap the back arrow at the top left of the screen and you’ll return to the note in Evernote with the option to replace the document or append it to the note." - which is not working for me. I posted this question to Evernote support as well as to OfficeSuite support and received mixed results. Evernote support replied with an automated reply poorly translated into German (although I posted my question in English and that's the language I expect the answer to be written in, too). The answer included solutions to a totally different problem. Soi I guess Evernote Support did not read my ticket at all and someone just hit the 'Answer with a standard reply'-button. OfficeSuite's support was a lot more helpful with their reply: "It is possible to save the file only on the SD card at the moment. You can select the file in the OfficeSuite browser and choose Share>Create note. This will send the file to Evernote and you will get a new note with an attachment." Therefore, the explanation on the Evernote Blog was wrong. It is not at all possible to open a document in an Evernote note in OfficeSUite, edit it and save it back to the note it came from. Or did I miss anything? Carlin
  3. Hi: Upon the request for installation of the latest version of Evernote for Android I was asked to grant permissions for Evernote to access my local address book on my device. Developments in apps in the last months saw a lot of discussions about apps asking for access to contact data and using this data for unknown purposes (such as Facebook, Path, Foursquare etc). I would therefore like to enquire about the permission for usage of contact data in the Evernote for Android App. What purpose does this request have? I would like you to know that I am not willing to grant this permission to the Evernote App as I do not see any necessity in the Evernote App having access to my personal and private contact data. Thanks
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