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(Archived) TIP: Some AppleScripts for EN (templates, multi-note tagging, multi-note title editing, and more)



I've posted some of my scripts to this board in the past several months, and have started to gather them together into a place on github.

Right now I have four uploaded:

  1. A "create notes based on template" script
  2. A "tag multiple notes" script
  3. A "add to the title of multiple notes" script (I know some people use title keywords a lot, this ought to make their lives simpler)
  4. and a "tag by tag group" script. In this one, if you find yourself using the same tags over and over again for certin kinds of notes, you can create a "tag set" so you don't have to remember it. Once a set is created, it can be used to tag multiple notes. I use this so I get the best of both worlds: broadly reusable tags, but tag sets that provide a lot of specificity.

These can all be downloaded from https://github.com/g...plescript_utils. Please let me know if these are useful or if you find bugs.

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FYI, I added a build/installation script. If you want to install these scripts without changing any of the defaults, just open a terminal and type "rake compile". Copy the apps from the "build" folder to whereever you want them.

"rake install" will copy them to your user Library/Scripts folder, but if that's not where you want them you should move them somewhere else.

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Just published a new app for Evernote - MasterNote which offers Templates for Evernote... to minimize the repetitive tasks of recreating the same notes in Evernote.

MasterNote is a note template application for Evernote. Save countless hours recreating the same notes where you only change the same few text fields each time. For example:

Client Files: Create 5 notes: Client Info, Objectives, Client Correspondence, TO DO's, Billing. To open this case you only need to change 15 text fields. With a template, change the 15 fields, export the Evernote .enex files with the new client info, your new client file is ready to roll.

Additional uses include: Meeting Notes, Workout Journal, Diet / Food Log, School Reports, Papers, Homework, Class Papers, Teachers: Syllabus, Curriculum, Tests, Quizzes, Handouts ... and more.

MasterNote solves the lack of printing the Evernote title problem too.



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