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(Archived) Closing Firefox webclipper menu


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I'd like to suggest the following feature:

Close Firefox webclipper if you don't want to save the page any more.

Situation: You want to save a web page in Evernote and click on the Firefox Evernote webclipper. You see the menu and have to choose whether to save the entire page, the url or part oft the page. Now you decide not to save. At the moment, you can't exit the menu. You have to close the whole tab so that the Evernote webclipper disappears.

In Chrome webclipper, you can press the ESC-button and the menu closes. Please add this feature to the Firefox webclipper, too.

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For me, clicking somewhere in the page cancels the clipping.

However...I would also welcome the Esc option. I seem to remember I have also had a similar situation to what you describe, though I can't really remember any specifics...

What browser/clipper versions are you using?

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