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(Archived) Imported JPEG files not ocr'd


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I've been experimenting with Evernote and I noticed that when I take a picture with my phone, Evernote automatically OCR's the image so I can search it on my desktop, brilliant....

...however if I import any .jpeg files from my PC, evernote doesn't OCR them even if they clearly have text on them, is there a way to override this default behaviour and force Evernote to OCR certain image files that it normally would not?

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So I have uplodaed this file https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2975422/SHARING%20FOLDER/Screenshots/2518_evermanic_1384912703519.jpg to evernote and the text is very clear yet the ocr does not seem to be working. I wanted to use this tool to just snap shots of receipts and throw them away. The OCR does not seem to work with this jpg image taken from my iPhone 5s. Please help!

What word are you looking for? You say the text is "very clear". I would disagree since the first & 4th columns only partially print. Also, it's printed "dot matrix" rather than a single image for a single letter, say like a typewriter. Another consideration is that when OCR'ing images, a tree of possibilities is created - not exact words. So an image with the word 'house' may show up when searching for 'horse'.

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