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(Archived) Problems with text encryption in notes



Just started to explore Evernote and have downloaded the Mac client (Versión 3.0.6 (221382)).

I like the idea of being able to encrypt the text in a note but have found two problems:

1. It doesn't always work. I mean, I get no feedback, but after having entered the passkey, nothing happens. The weird thing is that if I carry on working on the note and then try again later, it works...

2. If the first character of a note is in bold, and I encrypt all the text in the note, then when I decrypt the text, all the text is shown in bold.

Has anyone had these problems? Sounds like bugs to me. Any suggestions?



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hi. welcome to evernote and the forums :)

my understanding is that if you encrypt text in one note, evernote remembers that password for your computer, and every encryption after that will by default carry the same password. and, because you are on your computer (if i remember correctly, you must have had to press a button sometime in the past granting this permission), it will continue showing the text until you close the note.

i haven't had a problem with the bold thing. this sounds odd, but i am using the beta, so this might be an actual bug. evernote does have occasional formatting quirks in my experience. if you turn everything back into regular text, it shouldn't appear in bold again. if it does, you might want to consider creating a support ticket to help them track down the bug.

my suggestions? i don't encrypt my text much, but test it out on another platform (maybe the website) to make sure that everything is encrypting properly. as for the formatting, the "simplify formatting" command can often get rid of any quirkiness.

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Confirm your process follows page 17 here? http://www.evernote....c-UserGuide.pdf

Also, FWIW the checkbox in the dialogue below the passphrase will keep your passphrase in memory while the application is running so you don't need to retype it. If you leave this unchecked, you will be prompted every time. (Quit the app and the menu bar then launch a new session to clear it and redisplay the dialogue.)

I'm unable to reproduce #2

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