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(Archived) Snapshot Note emailed as huge PDF. Why?

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On my iPhone, I took a snapshot note, then switched to Evernote Mac to email that snapshot to someone. When I drag the image out of EN to the desktop, it's a 300k .jpg file, which is what I expected to be attached to the email. Instead, the attachment is a huge (2.5 meg) pdf version of the same image.

This seems counterintuitive. When preparing an email, why does EN create a version of the snapshot that's nearly 10 times as large? Why not insert a .jpg into the email? Is this a setting that can be changed somewhere? (Even if there is, the current behavior makes an odd "default.")

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The Mac client sends email as a PDF document, regardless of contents.

You may want to try the "Email" operation on the web UI, to see whether this produces more desirable results.

Thanks for the reply. Please consider changing this in the Mac client -- at least for images.

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