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I downloaded evernote a couple days ago to be used mainly as a check list and to remind myself of stuff I need to do. So I put the 4x2 widget on my home screen hoping I could use it to display my notes as a reminder. But i feel like I'm missing something obvious here because I can't seem to put anything on the three white slots I'm assuming are ment for notes. So I'd be grateful to anyone who could tell me how to put notes on my widget or tell me what the white spaces are for.



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Hi @jaredpa29 - you'll get thumbnails in the white spaces, but I don't think you can choose which - and the size won't give you much of a chance to read the content. You could put a shortcut to your note on your home screen, or if it's more long term information, take a picture/ screengrab of the note and make it your wallpaper.

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I have this problem, too. Those white areas beneath the widget are supposed to preview recent notes. Worked beautifully for me until I flashed a CM7 rom. Now the preview screens are there, but they're blank. I've tried opening notebooks, notes, etc. in hopes of prompting whatever it is that creates those previews. Nothing. Just three white slots. Turns out I miss those preview notes. Often, the first few lines were all I needed. Any ideas how to get them back? I've tried removing and then re-adding the widget. I'm on an Optimus V with the Harmonia rom.


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