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(Archived) Whats makes EN slightly less than an ideal info-manager for me

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Simply being able to say,long press a note and add a subnote...ad infinitum if needed as enabled in many mobile applications including a primary one I use.

Yes,tags and saved searches are my recourse but don't serve my purpose as well.

Number one I have more tags than I want now (25).

But this is for small interdependent clusters of notes (2-3 usually) that directly relate to each other and just don't warrant opening a new tag for.

These'd be a few connected notes in your main list...or notebook searchable by the parent note.

It'd be more of a microlevel of data organization...and to me has been uberhandy.

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Well, there's always note-links, especially for a small cluster of notes. Not sure if you're doing that yet.

What's the primary application you're using that has the sort of in-note functionality you're looking for?

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