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(Archived) New OneNote Convert Questions



I am sure these issues are addressed somewhere in this forum, but I would appreciate feedback. We recently switched from PCs to Macs and Evernote is an outstanding program that seems responsive to suggestions. I am converting years of OneNote data to Evernote.

Here are some issues that I hope to see improved or maybe I missed:

  • Printing Formatting needs improvement: It is very frustrating to print out a note with a 2 inch margin that can't be changed.
  • New View for Note Only. Is there a way to hide the left notes columns to just view the note for a presentation?
  • Need Tab Indentation Options like any other text program (including this message field)
  • Ability to create custom notes sort order
  • Tables: Need ability to adjust cells, add/delete columns, etc.
  • OneNote had better screen flexibility - mix and move elements anywhere on screen
  • Where are files stored? Are they included in a Mac Timeline Backup?


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