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(Archived) Quick Kudos

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Sorry to waste the time of anyone reading this, but I do want to just throw in a quick contentless note of thanks for EN.

There are aspects of it that are less than perfect, and I've added comments here and there on problems I've found, but the acid test for me is the fact that I keep on using it (daily), and have found nothing else that is quite so near to being frictionless for my purposes. It's easy to allow one's attention to be captured by small imperfections and forget the big picture, which for me is that Evernote is outstandingly useful.

So: congratulations and thanks to the developers (and to Mr. Engberg for his good-tempered assistance).

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Hey, thanks for the thumbs up, and the great feedback over the first six months. We should have saved more screenshots from when we launched the Beta to show how far things have come.

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I'd like to add to the congratulations. I find Evernote's vision particularly praiseworthy and appreciate the initiative to share it with users as a work in progress. I think that development has progressed in leaps, especially considering the program's multi-platform aspect.

All the best for the future


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