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there is no footnote feature (is this what you mean by citation?). i don't think evernote is well-equipped for word processing at the level of a graduate school paper. it is great, however, for collecting notes and research. i made a post in the forumsomewhere about the topic.

anyways, i have a master bibliography list, notes that contain only the sources (pdfs of journals or photographs of manuscripts) and notes that contain my comments on the sources along with links to the relevant source note. i make separate bibliographies for each project based off the master list.

if you want true bibliography/footnote integration, though, try bookends or senta. they are made for that.

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Agree, we're probably not going to be full fledged enough for many of your uses if you're going to write a graduate school paper.

i'd like to say again, though, that evernote is invaluable for collecting everything you need to write. i don't know what i'd do without it.

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How about using the note linking facility to save your citation in a new note and link to it back in your paper?

Good advice about linking, but I am not clear about what you mean with the link to the paper. I am also not exactly sure what the op had in mind. I can only say what I do. I have three relevant notes here:

1. Source. This note is titled with the author and date "monkeygrumpy2011" (a rare exception to my standard yymmdd keyword format), and it contains the bibliographic reference at the top in CMS format, followed by the source itself (usually a PDF).

2. Note. Not an imaginative category, but it works. The note is titled the same way, and it also begins with the bibliographic reference at the top, but it is followed by a link to the source and notes on the source. The idea, of course, is not to mess with the source note (saves on upload amounts and keeps my thoughts separate from the original), and to have all of my notes on the source in one place.

3. Bibliography. This is a list of my sources (primary and secondary). All of the sources are listed in CMS format. I have a master bibliography and several other bibliographies for different projects. I don't bother linking to the source or notes (1 and 2) because just putting in the author's name + the year will bring those two up for me. But, you could link if you wanted to.

The only drawback to this is that I have to format my footnotes by hand, but I'd have to do that anyhow (no applications provide adequate support for a mix of asian characters and translated titles). It has never bothered me. What has bothered me in the past, of course, is entering every single reference in the bibliography. This way I just copy and paste.

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