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(Archived) Merged notes, but still need to open individually


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Hello all,

I am somewhat new to using Evernote and am having an issue with merging my notes. I use a LiveScribe Echo Smartpen to take notes in class and then I sync them with my Evernote account. They load fine, but they are in pdf format and need to be opened individually. I tried merging the notes, and that was successful for my desktop program; I can scroll through each of the pages as though they are one note. On my phone app, however, the notes have been merged, but when I open the note, it still requires me to open each pdf individually.

I don't know if I have done something wrong, or if this is just the way Evernote interacts with pdf files, but this is going to make studying very difficult if it continues doing this - making Evernote completely useless for me.

Please help, if you have any ideas. Thanks.


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i don't use live scribe. what you describe with multiple pdfs in a note sounds right, though. evernote merges notes, not attachments.

why are you merging them? how about this:

1. create a separate note for every class (assuming livescribe lets you send the notes from that class as a single pdf)

2. create a note with links to all of those notes (a master list) i do this and at a glance i can see links to every day of class (with lecture titles added next to them) and reviewing is easy.

if livescribe is forcing you to send one page at a time as a pdf, you can use another app to merge all of the pages before sending them to evernote.

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It's a 'feature' of the Android client that while you can see a thumbnail of your PDF note before you open it, you'll still need two clicks to see it - one to open the note, and another to open the PDF file - even if you have "offline search" on that database. I assume there are good technical reasons why they didn't just show the content immediately as with the desktop app, but there's nothing to be done about this unless Evernote take pity on us and change the client. ( Please? :) )

Short term however youre left with two options - merge PDFs so you limit the number of clicks, or save / convert your files to JPGs which show up in full glory as soon as the note is opened. To be completely covered, you could do both if that doesn't kill your upload limit too fast..

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Sorry for the delay in responding.

I just decided to start using the .png format when i transfer the data, and all is well. I didn't even need to merge the notes, as Evernote recognized all the pages as being "one note" and now I can scroll through the pages without any issues.

So anyone reading this post later on for troubleshooting LiveScribe, just transfer the pages as png instead of pdf - it is so much easier.

Again, thanks for the help.

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