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Splitting local database

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I have looked for another post about this and need some help. I would like to import all my past documents which are now stored on an external drive but would like them in Evernote for indexing, etc., but I rarely use them. How can I include them without having them in the local database on my laptop? Ideally I guess I am looking for something like referenced files with thumb nails which would hopefully take less space than the entire document.

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This is not currently possible & I don't know if it's even on the roadmap. Both the Mac & Windows clients download all notebooks from the cloud. Only mobile devices allow selectively deciding which notebooks are stored on the device & that's for premium accounts only.

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Thank you for clearing this up.

How do you manage a large number of notebooks? I have 10+ years of word, excel, web clips not to mention an ugly amount of OneNote projects. Only thought is to just place current projects within Evernote and not use it as a document storage indexing tool in general.

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Hi Hans,

There's no right or wrong way to manage a lot of notes. Some Evernote users use lots of notebooks; users (like me) only use tags. Some users barely bother with either of those, relying almost entirely on keyword and/or metadata searches. If you're interested in moving your data over to Evernote, you might want to start experimenting with some files/notes before you try moving 10 years' worth of data over. Start putting some notes into Evernote and see how you end up making sense of them. Keep looking at the forums for ideas, and feel free to keep asking questions. People here will help if they can, and the forums are often very useful for getting answers to specific troubleshooting questions.

For what it's worth, I think most Evernote users would not recommend that you use Evernote as the one place to store all your files. Notes and web clips and general data, sure. But all your Word and Excel files are probably best left elsewhere on your computer or hard drives. (One reason for that is that those documents do not get indexed in Evernote, meaning their contents are not searchable.)

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