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(Archived) Use Evernote note location as destination for Google Nav


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Hi all,

I've been using Evernote for a few days - looking for a multi-platform syncing alternative to OneNote.

So far, so good, but today I created a note wth a location to enable me to find my way back to my car in a strange town. Later, I found that although Note Info has a Location, there's no way to insert the location as a destination in Google Maps.

Also, the location displayed is very general (e.g. Warwick, UK) although, once synchronised, hovering over the location link on a PC gives '7 Smith Street, Warwick, UK'. Tapping the Android location field opens Google Maps, apparently centred on the note location, but that necessitates repeatedly pressing the Zoom In (+) button to try to see exactly where I was.

Am I missing something obvious, or has this just turned from a noob query into a feaure request?



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Hi Keith.

It was intended to show the exact location but somehow it was broken.

Your idea is even better. I have made the changes to show the note title along with the exact location pin.

The change would be available in next Evernote update.



Android Lead


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