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  1. Thanks, both. That may well be the mechanism that's changing the title but the issue is, the title that's being auto-created bears no relation to the note content, location, date or time. I've created three notes this afternoon on Android, two in Windows. If I leave the note title blank in Windows, it is automatically replaced by the fIrst part of note text. If I do the same in Android, before I have entered any content the note title contains 'Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop walks' or 'Audio Note Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop walks'. This does not change when I add note content, which is probably not expected behaviour. [EDIT] Aha! Just had a mooch at the 4.0 Beta 1 announcement and found… That'll be it then… I'll post some feedback. Cheers.
  2. 4.0 Beta, Build 223484 (but problem was there with previous build). HTC Desire GSM, CyanogenMod7. Whenever I create a new note, the default note title shows as: "Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop Walks" or "Audio Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop Walks". Typing into the note title replaces the text correcly, but I'm mystified how this has happened. The phrase "Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop Walks" appears in my Android calendar but it's never been used in Evernote. Anyone seen anything similar? Thanks in advance. Keith
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