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(Archived) Stuck on contacting server



While attempting an automatic sync, Evernote will frequently get stuck on the contacting server step. The "barber pole" bar in the activity area will spin indefinitely. This is happening about half of the time during an automatic sync. Closing Evernote & re-opening usually solves the issue.

When this happens, I'm not experiencing any internet connection issues - sites on the web work fine, etc. It seems like the initial connection with Evernote is not happening. Once the connection is made, the sync works fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this and/or have a fix?

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I'd submit a support request through link in my signature for this specific issue.

Provide them the info you've provided here. You may also want to install to the latest version, in case you haven't done that yet. A reinstall, at any rate, can sometimes clear up these random issues.

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