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(Archived) Please add a comment field to the header area



May I shamefully repost/crosspost this message, I've sent in May 2011 to "General Discussion About Evernote"? There was little response, but maybe not many are reading this general purpose board.

The lack of such a field is still the main showstopper for me to use Evernote for a paperless office. Due to local tax regulations, I have to keep the original paper invoices and the whole system only makes sense, if I have an easily searchable, matching index number on the Evernote note, the original paper invoice and the record in my accounting software.

For all my notes related to accounting/taxes, I need to link the notes to the corresponding records in my accounting database.

So far I add the ID number from the accounting record to the body of the note. For complex HTML notes, this can be quite difficult, as sometimes it is impossible to set the cursor to the top or bottom of the note and the ID number gets mangled in-between the HTML note. In that case I add the ID number to the subject of the note. With the ID numbers spread over several places within the notes, this becomes a real mess over time.

I'd really like, if you could add a simple textfield to the notes header (similar to the author field), that is dedicated solely to user comments such as ID numbers etc. and is not populated automatically by Evernote like it is with the author field and all other header fields currently.

Making this field searchable with comment:searchtext would make it much easier to automatically match/link notes to external resources via scripts or the Evernote API.


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