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(Archived) Save PDF to Evernote suddenly doesn't work -- Mac App Store GTFO



The Save PDF to Evernote command stopped working for me abruptly today. I use this command every day many times, so I know it worked until very recently.

I looked in the ~/Library/PDF Services/ folder, and found that the Save PDF to Evernote alias is now a broken alias that points to nothing.

I don't know what went wrong, or when, but I deleted Evernote and decided to reinstall.

Then I find that there doesn't seem to be a direct download anymore. Really?? So I had to launch Apple's lame App Store app, enter my credit card details, spend several minutes reading some some really long legalese *****, and finally I could download Evernote.

After which... the feature still doesn't work. I deleted the broken alias manually, just in case, and relaunched Evernote, but nothing changed. The feature is now just gone.

That feature is actually my primary interface to Evernote. Or at least, it is how 99% of my data gets into Evernote. Is this just a bug, or some kind of idiocy relating to Apple's draconian user-hostile app store?

So I searched google some, and found this blog post, that said that Apple forced Evernote to remove this feature for the App Store version. But don't worry, they would continue to always have a direct download for people who don't like a power-drunk multinational corporation telling them what they may and may not do with their computer. (Paraphrased.)

But now there appears to be no more direct Evernote download, and so Evernote seems to be crippled, and adding anything to Evernote takes several more steps and is much more inconvenient.

Is this really true? That would really suck. I've been basically happy with Evernote overall, but if they now let Apple dictate what I can do with it, and at the same time make it a lot less useful and convenient, then... well, I will be way less happy as an Evernote user.

Fortunately, this bogus feature removal is fairly easy to manually fix; just manually drill down into your ~/Library/PDF Services/ folder (which Apple has hidden in their latest OS release, so you'll have to know how to un-hide it), and then manually create an alias to Evernote. (Apple's App Store updates will probably break that every time you update though.)

I am sad to see Evernote go App Store only. This is probably not the last time that the program will become less useful and harder to use as a direct result of giving Apple 100% control over what functionality Evernote may or may not include in the program. Apple's interests are not the interests of Evernote users. This kind of thing might have been unavoidable on the iPhone, but it is disheartening to see a Mac app I use literally every day devolving and becoming less useful (and tripling the cost of my Premium account by adding an hour of troubleshooting to the $50 annual fee) just so Evernote doesn't have to deal with maintaining a direct download of the un-crippled version.

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