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(Archived) Suggestion for Improving the Web Clipper


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I love the Google Chrome web clipper and I use it virtually everyday.

I have however run into some issue now that my Evernote account has matured a bit. I have now a couple of hundred tags, somewhere north of 300 in fact.

This is mostly due to the fact that I have implemented a proper archiving system for notes about various subjects (Dewey Decimal Classification) together with a separate tag tree for personal notes.

These are naturally differentiated by one beginning with numbers and the other beginning with letters, so tagging is quite easy and fast.

But never mind that, the problem is that once you get a certain number of tags, say 100, then web clipper tagging becomes sort of brittle and stale.

You see that if I want to save an article for later I press "q" for "Queued Articles" (I used a word beginning with q so as to not over use more common letters) all the tags that do not show up on the desktop client start showing up here even though they don't begin with "q" (the DDC begins with numbers).

That means that I have to type in "Queu" before I can hit enter. This seems rather illogical, and if I would use a few more tags it would only get worse. As it is now "390 Customs, etiquette & folklore," occupies the selected spot for the first three letters.

The other versions of Evernote suggest tags that begin with the letter or number you are typing, this is necessary for most classification systems, and particularly for DDC. If you would unify the tag suggestions across all the Evernote clients, with the desktop as the model, that would make everything that much easier, thanks.

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I've noticed that the clipper does this, and I think it's a mixed blessing. I don't mind so much that it does internal matching; I would prefer, though, that the exact prefix matches come first in the list. Sounds like that would help in your case as well.

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Yes that would be the optimal solution. If you have a few tags then it can be helpful to see the tags that contain a certain word or portion of a word on a list as you type. But it should definitely prioritize tags that actually begin the way you begin to type.

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