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(Archived) Feature Request - Sorting lists (bulleted, ordered, checkbox) by text

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Evernote is great for notetaking and organizing notes and "todo" lists etc. that is one of its basic features.

Reorganizing lists should be made simple, by use of a selection context menu

• Sort selection alphabetically

Example of a list containing links and/or additional formatting that might look better organized once sorted: (try to imagine how much more work you would have for 30 or 50 lines).

Want to sort the above list alphabetically in Evernote, and only want to sort

within a selection such as items 2-8, so the list would look like this afterwards,

retaining all links and formatting. Links, if present are usually at the beginning

of a list item simply because they are important, but an item could be all text,

begin with text and have multiple links and/or formatting.

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??? Evernote doesn't have tools for sorting any note contents (not just text that contains links), as best I know, unless you do it by hand -- I don't see how that would destroy any contained links (unless you're uncareful when you do it?). Maybe you're saying that you want sorting tools, and they shouldn't destroy any links that they might contain?

Not sure what your "additional notes on styling mean" -- can you give concrete examples?

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I've rewritten the request for enhancement, to just show what is wanted, not examples of what does not work. Also removed the comment about dislike of styling margins (or no choice of styling margins) of bulleted lists, since it has nothing to do with the request to be able to sort lists and seems to have been a major distraction of this request.

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