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(Archived) Feature Request: InBox

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It would be great if Evernote had an InBox that would contain any untagged notes. The InBox should also have a counter, so you can see how many notes it currently contains. A lot of times, when you add a note, you might not want to tag it immediately, so this feature would allow you to quickly enter notes and then tag them later. This would also be useful for notes received via the email feature. If you're away from your computer and you email yourself a note, when you return, it would show up in your InBox, rather than getting lost in the database and possibly forgotten about.

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Why not make yourself an INBOX notebook, and make it your default. Then, you can use that to receive emailed notes, notes created from autoimport, etc.

As for "untagged" notes, the easiest way is just use a saved search with the query -tag:* - this will give you any notes that have no tag assigned.

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It pretty much can do it already. Create a notebook, name it Inbox and set it as your default notebook. Now anything you add will automatically go there. Or you can search for untagged notes, search for -tag:*. Save that search and you've got your inbox.

I use both methods for sorting my incoming notes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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