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(Archived) Imported Pictures not displayed correctly (sizewise)

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Whenever I import (either through the web interface or via the Windows client) a digital photograph into a note

Evernote does not display the picture in its correct size.

I.e. I upload a photo (*.png, *.jpg) that is, for instance, 300 by 400 pixel big, the picture will cover the entire

area of the note. The actual size of the picture is being ignored.

So, how do I import/attach pictures in a way that ensures that EN displays them in their actual physical size? Obviously

EN's GUI does not allow for the resizing of pictures once they are in a note. I tried to fiddle with the HTML code but that

didn't work either.

Thanks and best rergards.


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The size and quality of digital media are closely linked, as I'm sure you know; and a 10MP snap, cropped down to 300x400 and shown on a 76-pixel screen will often show up as much larger than its nominal size.

Is it imperative that you see your pictures in -or close to- the correct size, or in a specific layout? Try creating a low-res version of the pic you see, and attach the full-res original to the note. You can force the picture to attach as an icon by temporarily changing or removing the extension.

Or you can create a Word (or WP-of-your-choice) document and use its "desktop publishing" skills to force a layout into a particular size or format. Then PDF that document and attach that to your note, or cut-and-paste the content directly.

Evernote don't pretend that notes offer any great control over layout and style, and to achieve something more sophisticated you have to use third party software.

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