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(Archived) Expanding Search Terms



I didn't see anything in a brief search I did, so thought I'd share.

If you have TextExpander or Keyboard Maestro you can use them to expand frequently used search strings into the note instead of using saved searches. You could also add a bit more functionality in the search by adding a prompt for a search term and automatically fill in the tags, notebooks or other search requirements.

In addition, because of TextExpander's date calculation functionality you could have it input date strings on fly based on pre-defined calculations.

For example, you could set up a snippet projw as %@-7D tag:project notebook:general %fill:name% created:%Y%m%d.

When you typed projw into the search field it would prompt you for the term to search for and expand to tag:project notebook:general [search term] created:20111108

Depending on your search usage, this may reduce the number of saved searches you need to maintain.

Edit: Of course, now I've found a few other threads along this line. Evidently my forum searching skills could use improvement. :)

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