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  1. Unfortunately the import folder functionality isn't available in Evernote for OS X. However, you can assign folder actions. llbean, you may want to take a look at the workflow described at http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2010/5/11/evernote-watched-folders-on-os-x.html
  2. I didn't see anything in a brief search I did, so thought I'd share. If you have TextExpander or Keyboard Maestro you can use them to expand frequently used search strings into the note instead of using saved searches. You could also add a bit more functionality in the search by adding a prompt for a search term and automatically fill in the tags, notebooks or other search requirements. In addition, because of TextExpander's date calculation functionality you could have it input date strings on fly based on pre-defined calculations. For example, you could set up a snippet projw as %@-7D tag:project notebook:general %fill:name% created:%Y%m%d. When you typed projw into the search field it would prompt you for the term to search for and expand to tag:project notebook:general [search term] created:20111108 Depending on your search usage, this may reduce the number of saved searches you need to maintain. Edit: Of course, now I've found a few other threads along this line. Evidently my forum searching skills could use improvement.
  3. That's an interesting idea. I don't think there is, but maybe I'm missing a feature. Currently I believe your best bet is have a saved search for todo:false tag:[project name]. This will give you a list of the notes that contain an unfinished task for your project, but not a summary.
  4. I agree, this would be a welcome addition, for exactly the book use case mentioned in the post. Edit: If interested, my current workflow for reviews is tagging the note with the type of thing I'm reviewing (book, movie, beer, wine) as well as review. Then the first line of the note contains x/5. This allows me to do a quick search for tag:[type] "x/5" to see items with specific scores, or tag:[type] tag:review to see all reviews for that type.
  5. Thanks Jeff, you make a good point. After looking for a bit it I found that it does show that there is a post from an ignored forum member at the appropriate place in the thread, and it provides an easy option to view it if the surrounding threads seem to reflect it was helpful.
  6. Ah, thanks so much jbenson2 for posting how to do that. I'm new to the forums, but was quite turned off by the responses from one of the more prominent members here.
  7. I use cutepdf. I'm sure there are a lot of other good ones also.
  8. You might try publishing your courses as e-books on the ibookstore (although that severely limits the audience) or some other method, perhaps locking down the information to a website that requires authentication and the documentation can only be printed, not downloaded. I understand your concern, but since it's such a limited use case it may not be a pressing feature to add. Locking down the data to the degree you wish will result in more inconvenience to your students so you may want to weigh that against security also. I don't intend that to be a value statement, but merely something to consider in your approach. Good luck!
  9. The first time you e-mail Evernote using provided address it does send an e-mail with information on how to use the feature. I only know since I started using it and received the same thing. If you have tried a manual sync and it still doesn't pick up your emails you may try resetting the address and see if that works.
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