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Vinyl Decor with Sillouette or Cricut

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I've often looked at those cricut machines on sale for $50 at Michaels and thought - hey, I could make myself a pretty nice looking cake, but then thought - hey, I could buy a pretty nice looking cake for less than $50 and eat it faster ;)

Anyway, one of our frequent suggestions we get from people who use these machines (and there are a lot) is that they store their "page maps" within Evernote. As I don't use either of them myself, I would assume that this is a template of some sort?

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Does anyone here have a Silhoutte?? I would love to know more about it, ease of use.....

Yes! I have a Silhouette machine. It is fabulous. We did a lot of research prior to purchase and this was our best choice for flexibility and cost and storage space. There are no cartridges to buy/store. You can buy patterns online through the Silhouette store (approx $0.50 - $1 each) which are resizeable and alterable in the software, or you can design your own patterns. I have even used a clipart design I found online and made a successful pattern from it. The machine also prints designs - it lines everything up so it can cut printed designs (I haven't tried this yet, but there are great examples to google).

The new Cameo Silhouette just released is supposed to be quieter (and more $$$ of course!)

Before I bought mine (best price at the time was Amazon), someone suggested I get the free download of the software from silhouetteamerica.com and play with it. You can look through the pattern store here http://www.silhouetteonlinestore.com

So, yeah, I'm kinda keen on my Silhouette!!! lol

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I know months later and I am still waiting to buy one! But now is the time! I am going to get the new Silhouette with the larger platform. I am so excited. I heard it cuts fabric which will be awesome for quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions on where to purchase the vinyl?


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