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  1. To update the credit card you have on file, log into your account via the web and cancel your subscription in the account settings page. Once this is complete follow the link below to the checkout page - here you will be able to extend your Premium account with your new credit card. You will not lose any time you have left on your previously paid Premium account during this process. I hope this helps!!
  2. craft Crocheting help???

    I will find a few, there is this one guy that is awesome. Ive learned a lot from him. I have lots of ideas....bought lots of yarn...BUT not enough time in the day!!! lol I'll add them to this post!!!
  3. craft Calling out all Pinterest followers!

    Super awesome idea Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. craft Vinyl Decor with Sillouette or Cricut

    I know months later and I am still waiting to buy one! But now is the time! I am going to get the new Silhouette with the larger platform. I am so excited. I heard it cuts fabric which will be awesome for quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions on where to purchase the vinyl? Thanks!!!!!
  5. craft Crocheting help???

    Hello all! I am wanting to give crocheting a try. Anyone have any tips on good websites to start with? Thanks
  6. craft Vinyl Decor with Sillouette or Cricut

    There are so many things you could do with them. Seems like a good investment
  7. craft The Evernote pumpkin

    that is super cute!
  8. Does anyone here have a Silhoutte?? I would love to know more about it, ease of use.....
  9. craft Calling out all Pinterest followers!

    Pinterest is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much saved in my Pinterest I am very excited about getting it all organized in Evernote. Pinterest has a little of matter what your interest may be. I love crafting, quilting, cooking and there is a lot of decorating & kid ideas. Way too much to even list LOL. Photography...decorating....on and on and on and on
  10. I am an avid Pinterest user and incorporating it with my Evernote account will be so awesome!!!