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(Archived) Evernote Safari extension 1.0.1



I am sure this must have been discussed (i did try searching) but I am very confused by the current safari extension - occasionally it works but mostly it just produces a white pop up which then never says 'synchronising' - this box simply sits there till you click somewhere else on the page to dismiss it - I have tried and failed to take a screen grab of it (that must sound pretty weedy)... there doesn't seem to be any factor determining whether the extension will work (e.g. restarting Safari, restarting the Mac make no difference).

The old bookmarklet does work so I use that but I would much prefer the extension or at the least to know whether this haphazard behaviour is something wrong with my system or the preference and if so whether it will be fixed

Ta in advance

Sorry to be such a newbie


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That is fine on the tea... i brew a mean sheng puerh!

By kill Safari do you mean quit? I have tried reinstalling it again, restating Mac, empty cache... nothing makes a difference so I guess there must be something obscurely wrong on my machine which I won't let drive me mad [especially as the bookmarklet works almost as quickly - I guess I really mean slowly - as the extension did the few times it worked]...

I hope that when 1.0.2 comes out it fixes it as I find evernote increasingly useful for storing web stuff that is more than just text [for text I am devoted to Instapaper]

Thanks again

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