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  1. since I am still on EN Mac 3.3.0 I have a customisable toolbar where I have horizontally listed my most used notebooks... if you can bring this back to version 5 and also restore horizontally list view then I can finally upgrade and leave ver. 3 behind... please [p.s. i am a paying customer!]
  2. Well I am a paid premium customer and I complained and complained when v5 came out because it lost the customisable toolbar and wasted space with a sidebar which included options which were of no interest... anyway I stayed with 3.3.0 for MAC and still have all my features... from time to time I check the status of 5.x hoping its UI would improve as I would love to have the improved search it offers only to discover that they have now taken away the single best way of displaying data [if you have lots - in my case 7.5K notes] for reminders? reminders? well OK I guess this is Evernote business services driving things but it is hard not to think that Evernote are in processing of ditching their longterm users so for version 5 users please bring back horizontal view and for ver 3 holdouts like me please allow some configuration in future versions so we can use EN as we wish rather than how you imagine your business users will want to use it... but it isn't going to happen I know EN is a very big product with a huge user base and also that it is their [the EN team] product but hubris will do for everyone eventually no matter how big and established - and please if you are a EN employer or 'evangelist' don't tell me I can customise v5 to my liking, I tried, I can't
  3. Me too... 5GB worth - not at all happy about that - also not sure I haven't lost space on the iPad with the re-download... I'd appreciate some word on this from Evernote
  4. thanks Ninotschka and GrumpyMonkey - I'm not very confident with Markdown and AppleScript/Automator so I'm still hoping EN will eventually bring functionality back to 5 [or whatever version] before Apple kills 3.3 -- it is an appalling position to be in where you are encouraged to become on reliant on technology only then to have much of it removed... it is amusing to think I used to rave to people what a great service EN is...
  5. Yes they've ruined it and they seem content on ignoring the complaints - I guess old style 'premium' paying users aren't the market they and their investors are after anymore. Does anyone know of a similar service that would import EN notes? I have heard of Yojimbo [?spelling?] but never investigated it because did what I wanted... and 3.3 still does but I know that will get broken by an OS update and then there will be no place to go
  6. As a paying customer I feel neither "grateful" nor [given how this is being handled] "graceful"... I keep asking [on different EN pages/threads] about the features lost from 3.3 and the answer I get is not "we aim to bring these back - be patient" nor is it "we have decided to move EN away so these won't be coming back" instead it is "have you tried Shortcuts" - the first two answers would treat me as an adult customer [even if I don't like the answers] but what I get treats me like an idiot - I know what the Shortcut feature is, if it replaced what is missing I wouldn't be complaining! Obviously I have kept 3.3 running while I tired 5 on duplicate data set and that is fine as long as 3.3 will be maintained [not further developed - I appreciate that is for 5.x] so at least it works as Apple update the OS... but EN don't answer that question. Nor do they say that missing features will return so one has to assume that I either change my workflow to their new way or go elsewhere... is that really how they want to treat customers? and doesn't this feel awfully similar to the Skitch fiasco - at least there they seem to be offering a proper roadmap to bring back what was lost though it took a lot of complaints truthfully I feel because I use for EN for research not food blogging or geo-tagging restaurant reviews that I am suddenly of no consequence and yet there seem to be quite a few orphaned users piss poor customer satisfaction strategy!
  7. Hi there! Yes I know I can have shortcuts but the more shortcuts you have the less of your folder list you can have whereas in 3.3. i had the entire sidebar for my nested folders and notebooks and the shortcuts along the top - more than double the amount of space I could access compared with 5... I have pasted in a screengrab but am not sure if pasting it in will work... please all I am asking is the ability to drag shortcuts to the bottom of the toolbar and the ability to use the entire side bar for the folder/notebook structure [and without having to right mouse click all the time] and ability to turn off the colour icons for notebooks, atlas, etc. which waste half the space on the side bar --- please!
  8. A first time post so apologies... why on earth have EN removed the wonderful ability in 3.3 to have most accessed notebook on the toolbar? Now I just have wasted space there and less space in the sidebar thanks to the colour icons which I don't use... I appreciate that one shouldn't be overly negative and that the developers must have something in mind it is just whatever that is doesn't seem aimed at someone with large volume of notes in nested notebooks - I still have 3.3 so can't complain yet but at some point 3.3 will stop working with OS/X 10/x and then I feel I will be left with lots of data I have meticulously organised and tagged and which I used to be able to access in a flash but now no more... is it heresy to ask if anyone knows of a similar service which will read EN format and which hasn't sacrificed usability for bling... I know that sounds peeved and I guess I am or at least disappointed they couldn't leave some of the old stuff in there
  9. That is fine on the tea... i brew a mean sheng puerh! By kill Safari do you mean quit? I have tried reinstalling it again, restating Mac, empty cache... nothing makes a difference so I guess there must be something obscurely wrong on my machine which I won't let drive me mad [especially as the bookmarklet works almost as quickly - I guess I really mean slowly - as the extension did the few times it worked]... I hope that when 1.0.2 comes out it fixes it as I find evernote increasingly useful for storing web stuff that is more than just text [for text I am devoted to Instapaper] Thanks again
  10. I am sure this must have been discussed (i did try searching) but I am very confused by the current safari extension - occasionally it works but mostly it just produces a white pop up which then never says 'synchronising' - this box simply sits there till you click somewhere else on the page to dismiss it - I have tried and failed to take a screen grab of it (that must sound pretty weedy)... there doesn't seem to be any factor determining whether the extension will work (e.g. restarting Safari, restarting the Mac make no difference). The old bookmarklet does work so I use that but I would much prefer the extension or at the least to know whether this haphazard behaviour is something wrong with my system or the preference and if so whether it will be fixed Ta in advance Sorry to be such a newbie Leopold
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