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(Archived) poor image quality on jpegs


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I take pics of schematics then share them with EN to have a reference in my pocket (HTC Inc2 Android 2.3.4). The images are clear on the desktop and Web client, but not on the Android client -- I can't read the pin numbers so it's kind of useless. I know that the phone is capable of displaying the detail I need as the original image is still in the Gallery and displays fine (clear, like the other 2 clients). I've tried to resolve the issue by making the image an attachment, capturing from within an EN note, emailing, and everything else I can think of. Does anyone know how to get a clean (hires) image in to EN?

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Is your image just a JPEG with no other text (Black background?)? If this is the case, i have found that clicking the picture option on the left hand side of the note title will give you the full resolution of the JPEG. It will also have a white background. To force the picture to come up in this mode - add some text to the note. Hope this helps.


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