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(Archived) Notes disappeared


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I created and edited notes on evernote on samsung galaxy s2

However, they were not synced to the web - and thus had number of conflicting versions of the note on my cell - as there was something wrong with the username/password, i re-entered the username and password

I selected sync, it showed me downloading headers.. It replaced all content from the web (older version) to the version on mobile(newer version).

This was crazy..

The application should have detected the newer copy of the note on my mobile and should have asked me "which version do i need to update". The older version-- from mobile to web, or the newer version-- from the web to mobile.

Now that i don't see the recent version of my note on my cell, how can i retrieve it and update that version on the web?

Also i had taken 30 pictures and saved them as notes, after the sync i see only 16 notes. Clearly evernote has updated all content from web to my cell without giving me a warning?

How can i retrieve my files

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'Note History' is a paid service since Evernote Premium is not free. This service should be free any way. If Evernote has failed so users must pay ... It is like 'Notes hijacking'. I have no international credit card, I lost my almost 200 notes inside Android Evernote and no way to bring them back. More luck for you guy!

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