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(Archived) How to EN an entire folder of data?

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Not sure where I read this but there was a discussion of how to keep things together once they are inside EN and what I thought I understood doesn’t work.

Suppose I have a book of Pizza & Tart recipes which I have scanned in page by page, including:

Spinach Tart

Fish Pie

Red Pizza With Bacon

White Pizza With Proscuitto di Parma

Really, I’d like these recipes as separate notes, so they can be tagged separately. On the other hand, I’d like to keep them in one place so I can find the other recipes associated with any one.

How do you suggest I do this?

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Use tags. You could use a tag named "Pizza", and a tag named "Tart", and use a search like "any: tag:Pizza" tag:Tart" to find pizza and tart recipes. You also add a tag for the book: "Pizza-Tart_Book". Apply it to each recipe from the book.

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Sure. Set up an Import folder. From the menu, select Tools / Import Folders..., then select Add.... Select the folder where you've imported your recipes. When you've added it, edit it in the list. Select the notebook that you want to put these into (create a new notebook beforehand, if you want to put them into a separate notebook). You can set the import folder to delete the recipes once they're imported if you want. When you're done, press OK, and the recipes should import automatically. Tag and season to taste.

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No, I meant some way of keeping the folder. I guess I misunderstood all those earlier posts about EN.

What's the difference between "keeping a folder" and "making a notebook that represents the folder" really? The two concepts are pretty much identical.

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