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(Archived) Mac client UI not updating changes




I use EN (3.0.2) on my Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.8, as well as my iOS devices and a Windows virtualization. I have had issues where, for example, I want to move a bunch of notes from my inbox to my storage folder. Even though the database seems to get that information, and on all the other devices the change is reflected, on the Mac client the notes sometimes are "stuck" in the original notebook in the UI. So the note count for the inbox will correctly reflect what's happening, but the list view of the notes will show the notes in their original location. I find that this happens most often on notes where I have a large attachment, like a PDF that's > 2mg.

As a paying customer, I was able to get quick help, and the suggestion to delete my local storage and re-sync DOES work - but this is a cludgey workaround and one that will become increasingly annoying as I put more stuff into EN.

Anyone else see this behavior?



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How often does this happen? And how many notes are you moving?

I can't say how often it happens, but it has happened with moving only one note. The size of the attachment is really the thing that seems common to when it happens.

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