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  1. Hello. I tried the simplest form of this script in Hazel (the one that goes to the default notebook), and it wouldn't compile. Attached is what I got. Any ideas? I am on the latest version of Mountain Lion, Hazel, Evernote. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I just reloaded Lion from scratch last night, got all the OS updates, then installed Evernote (latest version). Now I am having the same problem everyone else has mentioned - when I go to print, and I choose the PDF drop-down, there it no PDF to Evernote option like I had before I reinstalled Lion and Evernote. Can someone please explain how to get this back? Thanks.
  3. Could someone please elaborate on how this is working? Here's what I'm trying to do: I am trying to get my tax forms together for the year. I have all of my year-specific files tagged "2011". I also have tags for "taxes" and "donations". So what I tried to do was click on the 2011 tag in the browser, then do a search of "tag:donations OR tag:taxes". Didn't bring me back anything, even though each of those tags individually works within the 2011 tag. Is this really not possible to do? Is there some other way to do the OR operation? Thanks.
  4. I can't say how often it happens, but it has happened with moving only one note. The size of the attachment is really the thing that seems common to when it happens.
  5. Hello. I use EN (3.0.2) on my Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.8, as well as my iOS devices and a Windows virtualization. I have had issues where, for example, I want to move a bunch of notes from my inbox to my storage folder. Even though the database seems to get that information, and on all the other devices the change is reflected, on the Mac client the notes sometimes are "stuck" in the original notebook in the UI. So the note count for the inbox will correctly reflect what's happening, but the list view of the notes will show the notes in their original location. I find that this happens most often on notes where I have a large attachment, like a PDF that's > 2mg. As a paying customer, I was able to get quick help, and the suggestion to delete my local storage and re-sync DOES work - but this is a cludgey workaround and one that will become increasingly annoying as I put more stuff into EN. Anyone else see this behavior? Thanks, Robin
  6. Hello. I created some notes with several PDFs, and for many reasons I'd like to break them up into separate notes, one for each PDF. Is there any way to do this without pulling the attachments out and re-importing them? It seems like a hassle, and I also don't want it to count against my upload limit. As an FYI, I tried just dragging the attachment from one note to another, and that looked like it was going to work (had the green plus sign for drag-and-drop operations) but when I dropped it nothing was created. Thanks! Robin
  7. My setup was defaulting to viewing the PDFs inline, so I had to click View as Attachment, and then it worked. Was not clear about that, but I'm all set. Thanks.
  8. I really don't see how to do this... If I click hold and drag, the "ghosted" item drags as if it were a PDF, but when I drop it on the desktop it becomes a note file (.enex). What am I missing? Using the latest version... Thanks.
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